Map of Ceduna

Our online map of Ceduna helps to guide your visit & with helpful insights like long vehicle parks, dog off-leash beaches, & towns.

Now you can navigate Ceduna & surrounds during your stay, see local insights, take a self-drive sightseeing tour, & much more.

Ceduna Map can help you quickly and easily find everything in Ceduna and the surrounding area, from recycling bins and disabled parking spaces to playgrounds and long vehicle parking, along with local insights and information.


Why not take yourself and the family on a self-drive tour around Ceduna and day drives to neighbouring towns with our sightseeing markers on our map of Ceduna. The information cards on the map at each sightseeing point includes some information and local history about the sight. It’s a great way to see this part of the world at your own pace and collect your travel photos along the way and make memories to last a lifetime right here on the Far West Coast of South Australia.

It’s a great area to relax and take it easy for a while!

How to use this map!

1  Click the white icon located in the top left-hand corner of the map. This will make the menu of map categories appear.

2  To view or remove categories on the map, click each box in the menu next to the category/s you wish to see or not see.

3  Within the menu, under the category, click on the individual listing to make it’s information card appear with local insight for that listing.